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Red Sangria

10 mins
12 servings

Sangria, a sweet cocktail made with Spanish red wine and fresh fruits, is a sweet drink. It’s basically a boozy fruit punch. It’s festive and looks great, and can be made ahead of time. For your next summer event, serve your guests a large pitcher sangria. This will get the party started.


  • 1 750ml red wine bottle
  • 1/2 cup brandy
  • 1 apple, sliced
  • 2 oranges: one sliced, one juiced
  • 1 lemon, sliced
  • Optional: Maple syrup or honey for sweetening
  • Optional: sparkling water
  • Garnish with additional orange slices


  • Cut the orange, lemon, and apple into small pieces. Keep the peels intact and add them to the pitcher with the orange juice.
  • In a pitcher, pour the brandy, wine, and any sweetener. Mix everything until well combined. Allow to cool for at least four hours or overnight. The longer the food sits, the better the flavors will meld.
  • Serve in individual glasses with ice. Add sparkling water to taste.

Sangria Recipe Variations

Sangria, as we’ve already mentioned, is a fantastic cocktail to be creative with. Here are some ideas:

  • You can switch up the wine: While red wine is the classic, white wine and moscato are great options.
  • Try a different liquor.
  • Enjoy playing with different fruits. Use whatever you have! You can make delicious desserts with berries, mangoes, kiwi, pineapple, and other fruits.
  • You can also add herbs or ginger to your sangria: Add slices of fresh ginger, a cinnamon stick, or sprigs or mint to the mixture. This will give your sangria a subtle kick and depth.



I prefer to cut the fruit fairly small (I quarter each citrus slice), so that I can easily top an individual glass with a little bit of fruit.


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