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Classic negroni

10 mins
1 cocktail

The negroni is a sophisticated, elegant, and effortlessly Italian cocktail. You might be surprised at how easy it is to make a negroni. This amazing negroni recipe will bring elegance to any event. The best part? It takes very little effort. That’s all we need.

It’s a perfect combination of bittersweet amaro, herbal gin, and rounded off with smooth red vermouth. This is why the negroni cocktail is so beloved. How did this cocktail become so popular? It all began when a man walked into a bar. This was Count Negroni. He wanted something stronger than his regular americano. It consisted of Campari, vermouth, and soda water. The negroni was created by his friend, who also happens to be the bartender.

The negroni cocktail is still a popular drink in Italy, as well as the rest of the globe, 100 years later. Even the original recipe has been modified a few times, including the negroni sbagliato and the white negroni. Negroni calories are very low, which makes it a delightfully guilt-free beverage.


  • A rocks glass
  • 1 scoop cubed ice
  • Gin in 30ml
  • Campari 30ml
  • 30ml sweet red wine
  • For garnish, a piece of orange peel (or orange slice).


  • There are two methods to make a negroni. The build and stir method involves mixing each ingredient together and then stirring them together at end. You can also use the roll method which involves pouring the ingredients between two shakers. This makes the drink slightly less diluted. You can also use the build-and-stir method by adding ice cubes into a standard negroni glass or any other short, sturdy tumbler. You can also roll your ingredients by using a shaker.
  • Next, add the three main ingredients: the gin and Campari, as well as vermouth. These ingredients will be added to the glass directly over the ice cubes. Then, give it a stir. You can also use ice to shake the ingredients. After a few seconds, strain your ingredients into your glass.

    Every ingredient in this negroni recipe is important, as we mentioned. We recommend Hendrick’s Gin, a floral English classic made with 11 botanicals. A negroni can only be considered legal if it is a Campari negroni. Campari will always be the preferred amaro for this cocktail. Martini is our recommendation for sweet vermouth.

  • The garnish is the last thing you need to do. You can now garnish your negroni cocktail with a thin strip of orange peel. And enjoy!